Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Governance and Management of the ES4SD; The Board of Trustees

We envision a 2 tiered Board structure; a local, hands-on Board of Trustees which is responsible for operational issues and our National Board which addresses issues related to Sustainability, Architectural Design, Alternative Energy, Water Quality, the Environment, and cutting edge educational trends. The National Board will insure that we are properly funded to carry out our mission and vision in these areas. On the local level it is the Board of Trustees that will be responsible for insuring that the school is fulfilling the mission and vision and that the school is in full compliance with city, state, and federal laws. They will be responsible for establishing by-laws and will assume responsibility and accountability for the financial well being of the school. They will be responsible for keeping accurate minutes of monthly board meetings as well as committee meetings. All local board members will be required to attend an initial board training to insure that they understand the roles, rules, and responsibilities of an effective board. Additional training will be required throughout the initial year to continue to meet those benchmarks. All board members will participate in workshops and other ongoing education in board development and practices. Each board member will be involved in both the working of the general board and the board committees. In September of 2006, we began with a planning board. Shortly, this board will evolve into a founding board that will be responsible for completing the School District of Philadelphia Charter School Application that is due in early October. As per the application process, the founding board will be responsible for school design, accountability, governance/management, community involvement and support, finance and facility, legal, and school safety. Once the charter is approved, a formal board of trustees will be put into place. Our goal is to create a board that represents all stakeholders. Our board of trustees in its first year of operation will consist of five voting members with an option to increase Board membership in succeeding years. One spot will be reserved for a founding member, two members will be educators, one member will represent parents and one will be a member of the sustainable design community. The CEO, a teacher, and a student will also sit on the board as non-voting members. Each group will select their own members. Trustees will serve for two years. The five board members will elect the officers. Board members will chair and serve on working board committees. Board meetings will be held monthly at a consistent, designated time. All board meetings will be advertised and are open to the public. Time for community comment is included in each board meeting.

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