Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sustaining the Plan

The Elementary School for Sustainable Design’s developers are committed to putting systems in place to ensure the fulfillment of the charter. In the pre-operational phase of development, work is being done to create relationships with local community partners as well as global community partners. Local and global community partners will help sustain the school by providing direct support in Project-Based Service Learning activities, expert advice, and act a source for fundraising. In addition to our Board of Trustees, the Elementary School for Sustainable design will have a National Board. The National Board will address issues related to Sustainability, Architectural Design, Alternative Energy, Water Quality, the Environment, and cutting edge educational trends. The National Board will insure that we are properly funded to carry out our mission and vision in these areas. The Elementary School for Sustainable Design will recruit a faculty that represents a range of experience, including those who have sufficient experience and skill to serve as mentor teachers. Our goal is to have 100% of teachers certified and highly qualified. Board directors can assist significantly in fund raising, first by giving, themselves. A personal financial commitment underlies each board director's resolve to support the charter school. One of the board's foremost responsibilities is to provide adequate resources for the charter school to fulfill its mission. The board at the Elementary School for Sustainable Design will work in partnership with the school administrator and development staff to raise funds both within the community and in the global arena. In addition, the board directors will help to prepare for actual solicitation. The fundraising effort may include cultivating, asking for large donations, seeking out corporate/foundation giving, personal notes, mailing lists, and annual appeals. The Elementary School for Sustainable Design will also seek out and access all Entitlement Grants for which it is eligible. Administration will be responsible for this endeavor. In addition, a grant writing committee consisting of staff members, board members, and parents will be formed. This committee will seek out and write grants that support the goals in the charter. The Elementary School for Sustainable design will have a well developed home and school association. In addition to fundraising, the home and school association will promote the school in the local community and beyond as well as serving as school advocates.

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